Would you like help writing your website text, press releases / social media posts, company profile or info brochures in English?

I am an English-speaking Canadian (with a Swiss mother) who moved to Bern in 1997. I have been offering copywriting in English for over 10 years now.

More and more individuals and companies in Switzerland require documents or texts that sound fresh and interesting – like native English. Whether it be for personal, academic or business needs, I provide professional copywriting for those who don’t have the resources or time to complete the project themselves.


I have over 10 years experience in proofreading and correcting university theses or documents intended for publication in professional journals. Diverse experience in the tourism, pharmaceutical and gastronomy industries has also provided me with extensive knowledge of marketing and sales terminology – to create a better impression for prospective clients.

My areas of expertise are :

  • medical documents / study results
  • restaurant / hotel industry documentation
  • official documents (certificates, passports etc.)
  • marketing / advertising campaigns
  • internal & external business communication incl. presentations


My agenda is your agenda. I work as your voice – representing what you want to say – how you want to say it. I adapt my writing style and tone depending on your wishes. I ask questions and research existing material in order to identify the target audience’s language.

What type of writing do I offer :

  • Blog posts from 200 to 1500 words. They’re usually a bit more informal or opinionated, but it varies from client to client.
  • White papers / Presentations 1,500-2,500 words and are informative, educational documents that explain the origins of a problem and how it might be solved. Often that solution will be linked to what the client sells, but the majority of the white paper will be objective and useful.
  • Email / brochure campaigns pique interest, raise awareness and prompt an action. They must be short, enticing and informative.
  • Social media posts which are fresh and interesting: 140 character tweets and Facebook updates
  • Case studies short articles that explain how a company helped its customers.
  • Industry reports based on research that illuminates or expands upon a certain issue, industry or trend.
  • Website copy from the initial briefing, research, writing, proofreading to further updates.
  • Inbound marketing concentrates on talking to and about customers rather than pushing a product or service